His Master’s Choice

After watching too many presidential Coronavirus “briefings,” I woke up at 4 am several nights ago and wrote this ditty. I’ll let the poem speak for itself.


–with apologies to Alexander Pope’s, “Epigram Engraved on the Collar of a Dog Which I Gave to His Royal Highness”

I’m Mr. Pence, but call me Mike;
In D.C. I’m called “little Spike.”

I love to stand behind my man,
To fawn and fetch whenever I can.

I do not bite. I am not bold.
I do whatever I am told.

I’m a Christian, a Boy Scout, I never lie.
That’s not a leash. No! That’s my tie.

I’m well-groomed and obedient;
I’m Donald Trump’s Vice President.

–Nancy K. Carpenter
© April 9, 2020

About Nancy K. Carpenter

After 25 years in Texas, I've returned to Upstate New York to start a new life. In this journey, I've had to turn to my pen to make a living, as both a writer and teacher. One of my biggest challenges has been to catch up with the changes in technology that passed me by while I was raising my sons, riding horses, and raising hay on a farm outside Dallas. A writer, poet, teacher, and tutor, I have had to give up "fighting Gutenberg," as I used to say, and come to terms with the internet-- Macs, PCs, eBooks, iPads, and the world of cyberspace. These are my musings about life and the road that led me to this blog--my latest attempt to join the 21st Century.
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